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My voice fell [ My voz disminuye y mi cara se mantiene. My dreams become my fear. Mis sueños se convirtieron en miedo. There's so much love that I don't want.

Hay mucho amor pero no lo quiero. Cause I just want you here. Por que sólo te quiero aquí. There's me in the night and me in the day. Soy yo en la noche y soy yo en el día. Ain't no in between. One thousand souls fight for control. Un millón de almas pelean por control.

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Of the man with the long gone dream. De un hombre con un sueño lejano que se fue. The dream is gone I float along. El sueño se fue y floto.

I am gay and Youtube Deleted My Video and Suspended My Account For 2 Weeks!

Pretend that nothing's wrong. Pretend I'm gay I'm numb to all things straight [?

For the man with the long gone dream. Para el hombre con un sueño lejano que se fue. Ein Problem melden. Ayuda de Google. Enviar comentarios sobre Centro de asistencia Comunidad.


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Usuario que ha publicado el mensaje. What happened to freedom of speech? I posted the video with the thumbnail with a picture of her dancing and written on there with photoshop "Review" I don't know how that's false advertisement? Another thing I am a gay male.

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The video went viral with in a half hour. I had lovers, but also had tons of haters.

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Now these were not haters of Miley Cyrus they were haters of my sexual orientation. I know exactly what they did, they flagged my video with anything power they could do, to get the fag off Youtube and they sure did because of you guys. You guys are letting people that judge people's sexual orientation take control of your company and that's not okay with me or anyone else. My video was deleted not for being inappropriate.

The matter of the fact it was deleted for me being a gay male. If there is another reason it was deleted I want a reason because I go on youtube and I see tons of videos that really are inappropriate and there still up and running this is not okay with me at all. My Youtube Channel is even suspended for 2 weeks for being gay.

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You guys even said in the rules because I am a Youtube Partner that Sexual Orientation is not judged. Now that my video goes Viral is when you take it in your own hands and delete something that I worked so hard on it's not fair to me. It's also not fair to the people who loved me and subscribed to my channel because they loved me I can't even talk to them because of having a locked account for a gay male. There has to be something wrong with this picture. Es posible que el contenido de la comunidad no esté verificado ni actualizado. Videos removed for "spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content" typically involved one or more of the following:.

Possibilities include but are not limited to non-permitted links, misleading text anywhere , using bots yourself or hired , providing hacked content or hacking tips. Appealing video strikes - YouTube Help. Talk about paranoid You were temporarily suspended from accessing your channel because you broke the rules. It was removed because you broke the rules. I broke no rules.

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I was deleted for being gay because people that hated me flagged my video. Sorry that my video went viral and it got over , views in 10 minutes. Not my fault that I was a big deal. I was deleted for no reason false flagging you should of read the comments.