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To speak with a volunteer coordinator, call Agin Shaheed, a program manager in the Race, Human Relations and Advocacy Department of the San Diego Unified School District, was part of a panel discussion on how to provide better advocacy for children and adults in a culturally diverse community. In addition, Shaheed gave a motivational speech to participating students on how to become responsible citizens and shared information about the contributions of East Africans to American culture. Participants are working to improve the overall health and well-being of East African families living in San Diego.

For more information, contact Shaheed at Electoral maps are redrawn every ten years after new census data is released. The goal of redistricting is to balance populations between political districts to ensure equal representation. The total population in the school district is a little more than one million people, and the voting-age population is 80 percent of the general population. About , people reside in each of the five school board subdistricts.

In subdistrict D, Youth explored the New Roots community garden in City Heights. Their photos and stories revealed that not only do gardens help ensure access to healthy food, but also improve mental health by providing refugees with a sense of community and connection, helping to alleviate acculturation stress and depression. The students also noted that mostly refugees use the gardens.

They think most people in City Heights believe the gardens are only available for refugees. They unanimously agreed that there are many places in City Heights to get healthy, cheap food. They considered themselves to be healthy, but felt that City Heights, as a whole, is unhealthy. Their visual narratives raised the question: Do refugees have more access to healthy, cheap food than other City Heights residents? Many youth from Southeast Asia described a plant-based diet that they have been able to easily continue in the United States through local community gardens and farmers markets.

Many refugees arrive in the United States with the tools and education for healthy eating.

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The massive blackout in early September that affected more than three million residents in San Diego and elsewhere serves as a wake-up call to get ready. It could be days before first responders are able to assist. In the event of a fast-moving wildfire or explosion, residents might be given 15 minutes or less to evacuate their homes. By following the three strategies outlined below, you will be in a better position to respond to any emergency:.

Gather items for a home, work and car emergency kit. At minimum, you will need a three-day supply of water, non-perishable food, a first aid kit, a whistle, a radio, a flashlight and batteries. The items should be stored in a ready-to-grab waterproof bag or container, such as a plastic tub. Pre-packaged emergency kits are available at some big box stores and the American Red Cross, but residents also can put together their own.

Personalize the kits for your family by considering the dietary needs of infants, pets and other family members. Keep copies of important documents, such as insurance policies, identification cards, and bank records, in case you have to evacuate quickly.

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You can scan and store them online or on a thumb drive. Do the same with family photographs.

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A disaster could happen while parents are at work and children at school. Text messaging is often an easier way to communicate during a disaster. Create a family disaster plan with important phone numbers and information you may need in an emergency. Plan templates are available in English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese on www. To register, go to www. During an emergency, the county also will activate a special website, www.

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You can also dial for emergency updates and service referrals. During the blackout, many of us found that we lacked batteries, a supply of food or water, flashlights, gas in our car, or cash on hand. The Aug. It means using fire-resistant plants that are strategically planted to resist the spread of fire.

And you will find that a fire-safe landscape can increase your property value and conserve water while beautifying your home.

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  4. Defensible space is the base around your home that will give firefighters time to arrive and space to fight the fire. To create such a space requires clearing all dry grass and dead leaves and selectively thinning, trimming and pruning the native vegetation to a maximum of feet from your home. None of this means you should have a ring of bare dirt or disturb any of the root systems around your home. Defensible space is the landscape between your house and the dense stands of native or naturalized vegetation that could be a source of fuel for a fire.

    It is your responsibility as a homeowner to maintain this area to reduce fire risk. The first approximately 35 feet from the house is the level area that should have permanent irrigation and low-growing plants with the exception of trees. The next 65 feet cannot have permanent irrigation and must be thinned and pruned on an. To create a defensible space, clear all dry grass and dead leaves and selectively trim the native vegetation to a maximum of feet from your home.

    Here are some tips on how best to create defensible space: Remove dead wood and vegetation and cut half the plants that are more than two feet tall down to six inches. The plants you cut to six inches should be in groups, so there are two-foot plants in an area, surrounded by lower plants in a mosaic pattern. The goal is to thin the plants, not eliminate them.

    The remaining plants, four feet or more in height, should then be cut and shaped into umbrellas. Prune half of the lower branches to create umbrella-shaped canopies. This also allows you to see and deal with what is growing underneath. Finally, remove all the cuttings and. To learn more about reducing fire risk and creating defensible space, visit the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department website at www. Pueden pasar días antes de que los rescatistas puedan ayudarle.

    En caso de un incendio forestal o una explosión,.

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    Existen kits de emergencia listos para comprar en algunas tiendas y a través de la Cruz Roja Americana, pero los residentes pueden armar sus propios kits. Tenga copias de todos sus documentos importantes, como por ejemplo: pólizas de seguro, tarjetas de identificación y estados de cuenta bancarios por si tiene que evacuar apresuradamente. Haga lo mismo con sus fotografías familiares.

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    Los mensajes de. The nonprofit organization has been in existence since This article is translated into Vietnamese by Mark Tran. Es el humo que el fumador exhala y la combustión que se crea cuando un cigarrillo se enciende. Un estudio realizado por la Academia de Pediatría en el , se encontró que niños que viven en apartamentos donde nadie fuma adentro tuvo un. El informe señala que las viviendas multifamiliares pueden ser una fuente importante de exposición al humo de segunda mano para los niños a niveles asociados con la morbilidad.

    Del al , el Departamento de Bomberos de San Diego, reporto un promedio de 15 incendios al año. En el Condado de San Diego, de enero a septiembre del , seis personas han muerto en incendios causados por los cigarros. Si esto no funciona hable con sus vecinos y. También, pida a su médico una carta explicando su condición de salud o discapacidad y la razón por la que no debe ser expuesto al humo pasivo. Con apoyo de vecinos haga una cita con el administrador del edificio para explorar posibles soluciones.

    The San Diego Unified School District uses a service called Connect-ED to send out voice messages and emails en masse to parents and guardians to notify them of emergencies and school events. To learn more about Connect-ED, visit www. By law, every California campus must have a school safety plan. Ask to review a copy of the plan.

    Standard procedures require school staff to stay until all children are safety reunited with parents or designated adults whose names are on their emergency cards. The local American Red Cross offers two types of disaster assistance. One type involves providing material items, which include food, shelter, cleanup kits and financial help.

    The second type involves counseling, guidance and advocacy. The organization also trains volunteers for disaster response. In addition, the local chapter has teamed up with corporate partners to create www. During a disaster or emergency, San Diego provides information about road closures, shelter locations and recovery assistance. Residents can either dial or visit www. Remember it is your responsibility to create a disaster plan and that having such a plan can make a dramatic difference in how well you and your loved ones survive unforeseen situations.

    Puede encontrar formatos para su plan en inglés, español, tagalog y vietnamita visitando www. Si ya tiene un plan, revíselo para asegurarse de que sea apropiado y practíquelo. El Condado de San Diego ofrece el servicio gratuito de alerta telefónica en caso de emergencias. También puede llamar al para obtener información actualizada de emergencia y referencias para servicios de urgencia.

    Durante el apagón, muchos nos dimos cuenta que no teníamos baterías, agua o comida, linternas, gasolina para nuestro coche o dinero en efectivo. He immigrated to San Diego in with his two brothers to join his mother and sister.